Memory Days

Memory Days are a great way to enjoy all those places you havn't been to for a long time.

Maybe after losing a loved one you want to go and reminisce as one customer of ours recently did.

We picked the lady up at her home and drove up to the Cotswolds where she directed us to all the places her and her husband used to go as Ramblers with there friends

We started in Stroud where we had a coffee and then took a drive to the tiny hamlet of Slad where we lunched at the Woolpack Inn.

From there the afternoon was spent visiting walking routes and places they stopped at such as Sapperton, the Thames & Severn Canal and its tunnels, across to Bibury then towards Burford and returned via Cirencester before heading home.

Memory Days can be for any number of reasons and are paticularly beneficial to those suffering with Dementia, especially going back to times that the sufferer actually remembers and talks about.

If you would like to discuss your Memory Day requirements then please do call us.

You can also purchase a Memory Days Gift Voucher, a great way to give someone special a day they will never forget.

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